Full Set Dental Implants

Full set replacement with dental implants may be considered if you have no teeth or deteriorated dentition from conditions such as gum disease, tooth decay, heavy wearing down or erosion, multiple failed root treatments, maloclussion (bite imbalance) and/or multiple missing teeth. Dental implantsare titanium fixtures that can be used as anchors to support upper and/or lower full set replacements.

All-On-4 Plus

If you wear a denture, or have deterioration and want to avoid wearing a plate, our ‘All-On-4 Plus’ treatment concept may offer a permanent solution and a fixed alternative to loose dentures. We are committed to providing a high standard of care by using advanced techniques and as little as four teeth implants to support a fixed replacement bridges that is aimed to look, feel and function like beautiful natural teeth.

Our facilities are purpose-built with everything that is required to achieve not only high aesthetics and more natural functionality, but also immediate results. That means that we can achieve a complete smile makeover with full set replacement with teeth implants in as little as 1 to 3 days.

Get rid of dentures for good

Patients seek alternatives to dentures with permanent teeth implants because of the problems that are known to be associated with dentures such as looseness, pain or discomfort from the denture rubbing on the gums or pressing on nerves, inability to bite or chew food efficiently, reduced ability to taste food and wine from the plastic extensions that often cover the taste buds, and poor facial aesthetics.

Dental implants can reliably support fixed replacement bridges and alleviate or avoid the problems that are often seen with dentures. Thus in many cases, this procedure may offer a significant improvement to quality of life.

Seek advice early

In patients who still have some dentition present, the decision to have full set replacement should be considered as early as possible and before every tooth is lost for a number of reasons:

  • the longer the treatment is delayed, the more likelihood there is for bone loss from the spread of disease or infection that is often associated with deterioration – which could affect the patient’s suitability to receive immediate dental implants or the need for additional procedures and costs
  • the presence of some teeth means that bone resorption that is naturally associated with tooth loss and dentures may not be as advanced, thus allowing more flexibility in positioning titanium fixtures for improved comfort and aesthetics
  • Certain teeth may be used as strategic markers to plan the aestheticsand as guides for the placement of the teeth implants during surgery

For a review of your oral health and for more information on All-On-4 Plus, book an appointment at CAID today on (03) 8845 5400 or via an online contact form.

What is All on 4 Plus?

Watch an interview with Dr Alex Fibishenko about All on 4 Plus dental implant technology.

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