Single Tooth Implants

In this case, the patient had a fractured tooth (right) and a discoloured, unshapely compromised tooth (left). After the initial consultation, it was decided that the patient should receive a tooth implant-supported porcelain crown to replace the fractured tooth, and that a porcelain crown should be placed over the other tooth. During the first procedure:

  1. The fractured tooth was removed and the site prepared for the tooth implant.
  2. The fixture was inserted.
  3. A temporary crown was constructed while the patient was still in the chair to fit a temporary abutment.
  4. The temporary abutment was screwed onto the tooth implant.
  5. The immediate temporary tooth was fitted over the abutment.

Second procedure:

  1. The temporary tooth was replaced with an all-ceramic tooth implant crown. At the same time, a crown was fitted on the adjacent natural tooth to improve its appearance.

Multiple Teeth Implants

In this first case, missing teeth were replaced with a bridge.

A relatively straightforward procedure, the process involved:

First visit:

  1. Dental implants were placed and immediate temporary abutments fitted.
  2. A temporary bridge was constructed and fitted over the abutments during the same surgery.

Second visit:

  1. Twelve weeks later, when healing was complete, the temporary bridge and abutments were removed to expose the dental implants.
  2. Titanium abutments replaced the temporary abutments.
  3. A three-unit ceramic bridge was permanently cemented in place.

In this second case, the patient presented with gum disease, tooth decay and deteriorating teeth that had caused the bite to collapse.

Compromised teeth were extracted, a long-span bridge was installed in the upper jaw, and a four-unit bridge was installed in the lower jaw. The collapsed bite was restored by simultaneously treating the remaining natural teeth with porcelain crowns.

  • After the gums healed, titanium abutments were tightened to support a nine-unit bridge.
  • The nine-unit bridge was permanently inserted over the abutments in the upper jaw.
  • The lower four front teeth, damaged due to poor oral hygiene, were extracted
  • The four-unit bridge was fitted to replace the lower front teeth, while the remaining teeth were treated with porcelain crowns.

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Full Set Dental Implants

In this case, the patient did not have any teeth. Full set replacement with a permanent fixed bridges allows the patient to eat a normal diet and smile with confidence.

  1. The dentures were fitted loosely over the gums.

Lower jaw:

  1. Dental implants were placed using Nobel computer-guided surgery
  2. The gums are closed with dissolvable sutures and comfort caps were placed whilst the new teeth are fabricated.
  3. An impression of the teeth implants was taken.
  4. Lower replacement bridge was fabricated using high-impact acrylic.
  5. The permanent lower replacement bridge was installed.

Upper jaw:

  1. Alveolectomy and bone grafting were performed in the upper jaw. During the six month healing process, the patient continued to wear the upper denture.
  2. After the grafts had healed, six dental implants were placed using Nobel computer-guided keyhole surgery. Comfort caps were placed whilst the bridges were being fabricated.
    Note: There are no stitches with this keyhole surgical method.
  3. The next day, the teeth were set in wax and tried over the dental implants to assess function, aesthetics, comfort and speech. After all parameters are met, it was sent for fabrication.
  4. The upper replacement bridge was fabricated using high-impact acrylic.

All teeth implants procedures undertaken at CAID are tailored to suit patient needs. For more information or to discuss your options, call (03) 8845 5400 or contact us online today to book a consultation.

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