24 Hour Smile Makeover with All-On-4 Dental Implants

A smile makeover can be achieved in as little as 24 hours at our dedicated clinics with our All-On-4 Plus® Dental Implants treatment for those who need full set replacement due to deteriorated or missing teeth.

Our syndicate of clinics are part of the All-On-4 Clinic brand with the focus and expertise required to achieve aesthetic and long-term results. We aspire to the highest possible standard in smile makeovers with dental implants, and at the same time focus on patients’ common desire for an uncomplicated treatment process. Making tooth implant procedures simple for the patient is a complex task that we can make possible through:
Our smile makeover experience. A smile makeover is almost literally a day-to-day occurrence at our clinic. We routinely perform tooth implant procedures and have successfully treated many hundreds of patients with the All-On-4 Plus method


Our dedicated Treatment Co-Coordinators. There are many aspects to a smile makeover and many professionals and processes involved. The role of our dedicated treatment co-ordinators is to ensure you are adequately informed , co-ordinate all aspects of your smile makeover and help with any flight or accommodation requirements


Cone Beam CT X-Ray. These X-rays are required to assess the volume and quality of bone before any tooth implant treatment. They are often done at your initial appointment and our dentists are then able to provide you with a written treatment plan on that very same day


3-D Rendering Software for computer-assisted guided implant surgery. Where appropriate, we are able to use advanced software to plan and execute dental implants surgery, and also pre-fabricate replacement bridges that can be fitted immediately after the surgery, a concept also known as “Teeth in an Hour”
Operating Theatres with Anaesthetics. Our operating theatres may well be the envy of many modern day hospitals. Not only are they fitted with state-of-the-art anaesthetic and monitoring equipment, they also provide the dentist with access to a complete dental set-up that ensures your smile makeover is performed safely painlessly, and to the highest possible standard


Specialist Anaesthetists. Our team of anaesthetists has specialist qualifications and experience with all aspects of sedation and anaesthesia, as well as intensive care. From the time you walk in for your dental implants surgery to the time you are discharged, you are at all times supervised and by one of the specialist anaesthetists and/or our dedicated recovery nurses


Onsite Laboratory. We have one of Australia’s leading ceramics and implant laboratories on-site. This not only facilitates fast turn-around and immediate teeth replacement restorations, it also allows our dentists the opportunity to supervise and control the quality of the laboratory work
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For more information on tooth implant procedures, including our revolutionary All-On-4 Plus® treatment, contact us today online or call 1300 255 664 for an implant clinic in your area.

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What is All-On-4?

Watch an interview with Dr Alex Fibishenko about the All-On-4 dental implants treatment

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