Teeth Implant Overview

Dental implants are routine procedures at our centers throughout Melbourne and we have been offering teeth replacement with this technique since 1996.

As it is not a procedure you are likely to have to undertake often, the decision to have a tooth implant should take into account the time-frame, benefits and risks of this treatment compared to the alternatives.

If you are considering teeth implants, the best course of action is to book a consultation with one of our experienced dentists.

To give you an idea of what to expect before, during and after receiving a tooth implant, we have outlined the possible processes below.

Single or several teeth replacement

Single or multiple teeth implants are usually done in 2 stages separated by 3-4 months, but can also be immediate when appropriate. This is different to when full dental implants are considered, which can often be done as an immediate procedure.

The course of treatment outlined below for a single tooth implant, or multiple teeth implants to replace a missing segment of teeth, is one of several options available to you – your dentist will advise you on the best solution for you.

First visit – Examination & X-Rays

At the initial appointment, your dentist will examine your mouth and may take one or more x-rays. Your dental health and suitability for teeth implants will be assessed, and all treatment options considered. In some cases, some preliminary work may be required before tooth implant/bridge placement to ensure an optimal result.

Second visit – Dental Implant Placement

During this visit, the fixture that serves as the replacement for the root portion of a missing natural tooth will be installed. The area is made numb and the fixture placed in the jaw bone. Where possible we may often use keyhole surgery to minimise discomfort. A healing cap is then inserted and a temporary tooth is provided during healing. The dental implants are given three months to bond with the bone, a biological process know as osseointegration. This procedure will generally take 30–60 minutes.

Third visit – Testing of Dental Implants

Once the dentist has confirmed that the tooth implant has successfully integrated within the bone, the temporary tooth and/or the healing cap is removed and an impression is taken to make the final crown. In some cases an additional ‘try-in’ appointment may be required to fine-tune the final aesthetics.

Fourth visit – Fitting of Crown or Bridge

The final step is to permanently insert the new crown or bridge.

Full Set Teeth Implants

Full set teeth replacements offer an alternative to those who wear dentures or are about to lose most or all of their teeth. Modern techniques allow permanent, stable teeth to be installed in as little as three days, and in most cases within 24 hours using All-On-4 dental implants treatment at any of our Melbourne facilities. A course of four to six visits for this treatment is typical, as outlined here :

Pre-operative procedures

The first step is an examination to consider your dental health and treatment alternatives. OPG and CBCT scans are usually required to determine bone quality and dental implants positions for full arch rehabilitation. Once the treating dentist has discussed your options and you have decided to embark upon full set replacement using this technique, photos and models are used to plan the optimal set-up of your new teeth for optimal aesthetics, function and speech. Surgical stents are then fabricated to guide placement according to the work-up.

The three days
  • Day One: any remaining deteriorated teeth are extracted and the jaw bone is reshaped with alveolectomy. The dental implants are placed in the same visit. The wounds are then closed with dissolvable sutures and impressions taken for the next stage. This procedure is most commonly performed under a general anaesthetic or IV Sedation administered by a specialist anaesthetist at our clinic, but can also be performed local anaesthetic. This is the longest procedure, taking around 2–3 hours.
  • Day Two: The teeth are set in wax and tried in your mouth within 3–24 hours of surgery. Any necessary adjustments are made as required and to your satisfaction.
  • Day Three: Your fixed replacement teeth are inserted. So as to facilitate proper integration of the teeth implants you will be required to stay on a softer diet for 2 months.
Teeth in an Hour

In certain cases it may be possible using our advanced software to convert your x-rays into a digitised 3-Dimentional model to plan accurate dental implant positions. The digitised model is then used to pre-fabricate your teeth in our laboratory before the surgery during which they will be placed. The digitised plan is also used to derive a stereo-lithographic stent to guide placement for Keyhole surgery. This means not only that the implants can be placed more quickly and accurately, but also that the teeth can be fitted immediately after surgery.


To discuss your dental health and suitability for a tooth implant or full set teeth replacement with a dentist at one of our syndicate clinics, call 1300 255 664 or contact us online today.
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What are Dental Implants?

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